Thursday, December 18, 2008

No Talking Hard!

On December 17, 2008 The Lipsky Team participated in an amazing, horrifying, and fascinating activity...they went a whole school day without talking! (Ok, well...we tried to atleast!)

After reading No Talking, by Andrew Clements The Lipsky Team decided to try to have a no talking contest just like Dave and Lynsey did in the book.

Rules for the No Talking Challenge:

No talking to anyone except...

1. If a teacher or adult calls on you, you may only speak 3 words at a time.
2. Miss Lipsky will only use three words at a time when talking to everyone as well.
3. Mrs. Wallace, Ms. Symons, Ms. Wickert, and Mrs. Matthews will know about the contest and enforce the rules...but they can talk all they want.
4. The contest starts at 10 A.M. sharp and stops at 3:15 (with the bell.)
5. Other noises are not the same as talking.
6. You may write notes.
7. There will be a score keeper for the boys and a score keeper for the girls.
8. The team with the least amount of points wins the contest!
9. You may not do anything that will intentionally drive people around you crazy! (This should really be true everyday!)

Class Score Keepers:
Lipsky Homeroom- Tristan (boys) and Allison E. (Girls)
Wallace Homeroom- John P. (boys) and Devora (Girls)
Symons Homeroom- Brett H. (boys)and Bailey (Girls)

So Here's What Happened:
The morning of the No Talking contest the whole fifth grade went to see a exciting science show in the dining room. While The Lipsky Team was actively watching awesome experiments using dry ice they were also watching the clock and anxiously waiting for 10 o'clock to roll around. The minute they got back to their classrooms the contest began. "It begins Now!" Miss Lipsky exclaimed and first period fell silent. The beginning of the day was super easy for all three classes in The Lipsky Team. Mrs. Wallace loved having such a quiet and attentive class in science and Ms. Wickert and Ms. Symons felt the same way in math. In reading Miss Lipsky and Mrs. Matthews lead the class through the different activities the students participarted in during Mr. Burton's reading class in the book. The students wrote notes to one another discussing the books they'd been reading. After note writing the students sat in a circle and told a story (each student adding three words onto the story at a time.) Here is first period's three word story:

Three Word Story (Lipsky Homeroom):
Once Upon Time
Princess and Prince
Got married
Went to dinner
Saw the Queen!
Get eaten!
Then spit out!
Then yelled, "Gross!"
Because it's gross
Then went home
and played hockey
And puked
in toilet
then got scared
and ate pie!
And changed clothes
Then they kissed.
Vampire eat them!
Wrote on blog
because big day!
Went to Google.
And got busy
then went shopping
bought cute shoes!
Burned them up!
Then ate them.
And puked again!
Then ate Queen!
Then played Madden.
They farted
They got killed
by big ant!
Then thrown up
Swim in jello
said, "Boring!"
They kissed again!
Vampire eat remains
they eat Vampire!
Happily ever after!

Telling a story three words at a time was difficult but fun. It was interesting to see students getting frustrated when the plot of the story didn't go the way they expected. Next, Miss Lipsky called two students to the front of the class and had them sit down in chairs. Miss L slowly explained in three word sentences that the students were going to debate a topic using three words at a time. The first debate topic was whether or not students should get a longer recess time.

Debate for and against longer recess.
K: Longer recess
L: Is not good!
K: Like to play
L: Not for me
K: Everyone like play
L: No, some dont.
K: I like games.
L: Why bring games?
K: Games are fun!
L: I know but...
K: I like swings
L: Education is better!
K: Exercise is good!
L: Play shorter!
K: Longer is good!
L: Because of what?
K: Because of freedom
L: We have freedom!
K: Especially outside!
L: After school
K: Recess is fun.
L: Why is it?
K: Talking to friends!
L: Does not matter.

The next debate was about whether or not students should be allowed to wear hats in school.

Debate for and againt hats in school.

S: Bad hair day!
K: So what?
S: You are bald!
K: It doesn't matter.
S: It looks stupid.
K: Wear a wig
S: What if poor?
K: Cover your face
S: Need raise hand
K: What?
S: Need raise hand
K: They can tell
S: No calling out!
K: Hats are bad
S: Why?
K: Inappropriate
S: How?
K: Very rude!
S: They look cool
K: Not all hats
S: Most, though
K: But, not all.
S: Some people like.
K: Some people don't.

When the final debate got too heated Miss Lipsky announced it was time to switch classes. The day continued on with each class writing notes, telling stories, and debating while they were in reading class. But, as the day went on The Lipsky Team found it was very hard to remain so quiet. Some students became extremely frustrated with the rules of the contest and some gave up all together. Most students completely gave up for lunch and recess (Miss Lipsky included). And around lunch time Miss L decided to give up on the boys against girls contest as well!

The next day the team reflected on how they thought the contest went, what the thought was fun, and what was just too hard. Everyone agreed that it was much easier at the beginning of the day. Some students also thought it was easier in reading, where Miss Lipsky was only using three words at a time too. The Lipsky Team decided that three words are just not enough to express themselves properly! When asked if they'd do the contest again several students said yes and a few said "NO WAY!"

Below are the three word stories and debates from second and third period. Check out the interesting ways students manipulated the 3 word rule so that they could communicate more effectively.

Three Word Story (Wallace Homeroom):
It was dark.
There was monster.
People hate monsters.
Monsters very mean!
Don't like monsters.
Pizza fell down
Monster likes pie.
Monster eat child.
Monster finds pie!
Monster eats whole.
Child eats pizza.
Child is hungry
Big ferocious puppy
Puppy eats monster!
Super Garfield comes!
Muffin man comes!
Muffin kill Garfield.
Muffin die, bombs.
Garfield isn't really
Then everyone died!
Maggiano's eat.
Santa came!
Santa ate cookies.
Mitchell kill everyone
Legos over world.
JheraMon save people
from Lego invasion.
JheraMon is Superman!
Monster come back!
Monster eat cookies.
Hancock killed monster
Here comes Johnny.
What, crazy class!

Debate for and against Kindergarten students having class in the portables classrooms or "cottages" instead of the fifth graders:
A: Kindergarten get walk.
S: Where fifth go?
A: Get fresh air.
S: Fifth, fresh air.
A: Kindergarten get exercise.
S: Fifth get exercise!
A: Unique advantages.
S: What do mean?
A: Easier flag raising.
S: Fifth needs easier.
A: Why fifth easier?
S: Fifth getting old.
A: Kindergarten should easier.
S: Kindergarten is young!
A: Supporting my theory!
S: Safe outside?
A: Cottage both grades!
S: Very good idea!

Debate for and against running in the halls:
K: If you're late!
T: What about safety?
K: It's your choice.
T: Good choice, walking.
K: If late miss...
T: Explain to teacher.
K: Run before there.
T: Teachers get mad!
K: Me too.
T: Then why run?
K: Mad if late!
T: Teachers may understand.
K: What if not?
T: Then they're mean!
K: That you say.
T: They'll probably understand.
K: So no referral?
T: I guess so.

Three Word Story (Symons Homeroom):
Look! A dragon!
Eating a pie.
Delicious apple crumbly.
With people in,
Like a muffin
Muffins are good
Within his belly.
Muffins are delicious.
Back to story...
Then monkey came
Dragon burned him!
Pizza killing people!
I got nothing.
Pepporoni Pizza too!
Dragon eat pizza.
Dragon didn't like.
Monkey saying b-a-n-a-n-a-s!
Monkey like song!
Super mushroom fly!
Godzilla ate monkey.
Monkeys are stupid.
Mario catch mushroom.
Killer flying pie!
Dragon sneezed flame.
Man...weird kids.

Debate for and against brushing your teeth!
N: Without brushing cavities.
G: Tooth brushes hurt.
N: Teeth shiney.
G: Use whitening stripes.
N: Need tooth brushes
G: No we don't!
N: Teeth rotten.
G: Dentist for that.
N: Still, take care!
G: Takes too long.
N: Only two minutes.
G: Some people, five.
N: Gum will bleed!
G: Use paper towels!
N: Too rough!
G: Use toilet paper!
N: Not for teeth!
G: Just use water!

Debate for and against the driving age being lowered to 10 years old.
C: Will have fun!
K: Irresponsible children!
C: Nobody cares.
K: Parents do!
C: Who said parents!
K: How gonna pass?
C: Some kids smart.
K: Some kids aren't.
C: Call yourself dumb?
K: Not all time!
C: Back on topic...
K: We are broke!
C: Run over criminals
K: What if miss?
C: Hit in reverse!
K: Can't see road.
C: We have mirrors!
K: Can't reach pedals!
C: I'm calling President!

Debate for and against recycling:
M: Helps the enviroment!
K: Suck it up.
M: You will die!
K: Drink youth fountain.
M: Wastes water.
K: Longer life!
M: Dirty water!
K: Use science experiment.
M: You make crafts.
K: Crafts for babies!
M: Not most times.
K: I don't care!
M: You will...
K: When?
M: It'll be wasteland.
K: Take a vacuum!
M: Electricity woman!
K: Throw in water.
M: What'd we drink?

Monday, December 15, 2008

We Still Love Andrew Clements

As you can read on the post below, we are about to finish No Talking, by Andrew Clements. Some of our students did research on Andrew Clement's website yesterday learning the following things about the author:

1. The book Frindle is called Drilla in Italian,

2. Andrew Clements was born in Camden, New Jersey.

3. Andrew Clements first job was working as a public school teacher!

Today, students that did not get to research Andrew Clements yesterday will get their chance! Here is your task: Visit Andrew Clements website. Try to find the answers to the questions below and leave a comment with your answers.

1. What year was Andrew Clements born?
2. What subject did Andrew Clements teach when he worked as a teacher?
3. What is the book Big Al called in Germany?

Good Luck!

We Love Andrew Clements!

We are about to finish our read aloud No Talking by, Andrew Clements. No Talking is the story of two students, Dave and Lynsey, who start a contest (boys vs. girls) to see who can make it two days without talking. This book is an interesting study into the importance of words as the students of Laketon Elementary have to find ways to communicate without words! We have been reading this book for a loooooooong time so I feel like it's time we did a little research on the author of No Talking, Andrew Clements. So, here is your assignment:

Visit Andrew Clements website and see if you can answer the questions below. You're going to have to use your best reference and research skills to attack these questions! Then, leave a comment with your answers.

1. What is the title of the book Frindle in Italy?
2. Where was Andrew Clements born?
3. What was Andrew Clements first job?

Soon, we are going to see if we can go a whole day without talking! Who will win, boys vs. girls!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

We've got Poetry Coming out of our Ears!

The Lipsky Team has recently finished a study on poetry and we have so many poems we never got to share with the world! Here are some published poems and some drafts. You'll have to excuse any spelling errors...these poems were too great not to share! If you are looking for a fabulous book to use as an introduction to poetry check out Love that Dog by, Sharon Creech. The book is written as a response journal between a student who is learning about reading, writing, and language, and his teacher. You can get the sequel now as well, Hate that Cat!

The Wind

by, Susan

My Silly, Silly Sister
by, Savannah

The Wind
by, Jon R.

Underwater Fish
by, J.P.
The Beach
by, David
by, Bailey

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cluster Map Obsessed!

"Let's check the dots!"
"Do we have more dots?"
"Look, there's a dot in South America!"
"Our Thailand dot is bigger!"

This is what it sounds like everytime The Lipsky Team and I check our Cluster Map. Our Cluster Map shows us how many people are visiting our blog and the countries from which they are visiting. At first we only had the dot in Jacksonville, Florida where we live and a dot in Canada where my friend lives. Now we have a big dot over Bangkok, Thailiand where the students of Room 229 are working hard and sharing ideas with us! We also have dots up and down the east coast of the U.S.A, and in Argentina, Peru, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand!

Because of our obsession with meeting new people around the world and collecting "dots" on our Cluster Map, I have come up with a scavenger hunt for The Lipsky Team. We are going on a hunt for more blog readers. Here is your challenge (if you are brave enough to accept it):

1. Click on one of the blogs listed below.
2. Scrowl through the blog and try to figure out where the bloggers live.
3. Read a post on the blog (remember you don't have to read the top post).
4. Leave a specific comment about what you read on the blog.
5. Include our blog's address, in your post (you can just cut and paste it in) .

Here are the blogs to pick from:

Mr. Kootman's Class Blog

Leeza's Blog

Mr. C's Class Blog

Remember, you can read and comment on these blog's from home (I picked these blog's because they are super safe and focused on things similar to what we're working on at Chets Creek!) Right now we have a little over 1,000 hits on our blog but if we get over 20,000 I'll make you a cake like the one the students of Room 9 in New Zealand received! Check it out!